There Are No Limits

Executive Summary

There Are No Limits delivers in-school programs, after school programs, and weekend workshops to improve self-esteem in teenagers and young adults. We help young people learn the skills necessary to care about themselves, to make positive choices, and to respond effectively to life's challenges. By using these tools our clients are able to better cope with the challenges that life brings them in order to live a happy, joyous and productive life within society. The methodology is based on the educational program created by Edge Learning Inc. called "Unlocking Your Potential". This proven program is presented in separate modules which enables the facilitator to offer students the opportunity to learn about, practice and eventually master the timeless concepts of attitudinal training and success. They will explore the ingredients that make up individual potential, the qualities of peak performers, the role of self-image and self-esteem in determining performance, how to set goals, how to use self-talk and imagination to achieve goals, and how to use a specific plan of action to attain a goal. Unlocking your Potential is about application, results and improved life skills. We at There Are No Limits are differentiated by our focus on prevention rather than reacting to some negative action or stimulus to then reach out. This proven program combines experienced and diverse situations that create an environment of choices.

We are focused primarily on the young student and the young working adult.

There Are No Limits was founded in January of 2005.